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Fishing: Swordfish & Tuna vs dropping Tuna

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People will say Lobsters but in my opinion and experience it is tuna/swordies, not dropping!


Interesting, I'm already convinced Lobsters is the worst of all, since the prices dropped so hard of them. However swordies are about 450 and tunas 100 or so, so I think dropping tunas might be better.

Anyway I'll try both, thanks. :)

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When I tested this out myself, lobsters vs swordfish&tuna (not dropping) were pretty even in terms of profit but this was in the Fishing Guild (= shorter banking trips). F2P dropping tunas could be better than banking both swordfish and tuna. But I can't say I really noticed a big difference, I don't think any of the options are necessarily much worse than the others. This was before the price drops though.


You could always test it out yourself and perhaps even share the numbers with us. smile.png

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