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80-94 Magic

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Fire Strike is 11xp a cast

Fire Bolt is 22xp a cast

Fire Blast 33xp a cast

Fire Wave 44xp a cast

Honestly, don't do anything with death runes since they're very close in price to bloods as of right now, so I'd either do wave or strike.

Thanks! Looks like I'll be chucking over 30m in blood runes LOL although I should have 94 in a matter of a week or so lol
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I'm not looking to buy an account. I have a zerker with 150+ quest points and a high range level that I need 94 magic on.

edit: if you weren't already, splash your alternate account inside of clan wars(need i say NOT  on a PVP world). the whole splashing thing in pvp worlds with OSRS bonds implemented can end up costing you lots

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