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using mirror client botting 2 accs in same spot

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^^^^ im testing a very nice script from apa its going to be released soon i believe but i have been using it on my main and im helping him find bugs etc but anyways im going to be botting my main and my friends acc in the same area can jagex see that i have 2 clients open from same pc or what?? thanks

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Hello Clucky,

Thank you for helping the community by testing the scripts,
Sadly, no one can tell you the exact answer cause each get a different answer from a different source,
How ever to answer your questions They can't see if it's the same pc or not, but if they where trying to see if you are Botting or not they will be able to detect your IP,
and if something like that happened they think you are gold farming and perm ban both Accs and your IP will be flagged.
So wouldn't recommend botting at the same world / spot. and use a private proxy would help alot

Source : Experience+Friends.

Botting is always a risk, since you are botting on your main to decrease the risks make sure to bot at minimal time as you can and take long breaks like a real human would do. For example 2-3 hours at morning 1-2 hours break 4 hours mid-day and then big sleep time like 8-10 hours. at night smile.png.

Good luck on your adventure Mr.clucku,
Please let me know if you have any other questions

Kind Regards,

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