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By the way, did yoy guys know that during the Viking era, norwegian and swedish Vikings told their children when they had sleep that if they make a noice, finns will come and kidnap them lol..


I'll also post a song/music video about one of the greatest Finns of all time, Cpt. Lauri Törni, Hauptsturmbannführer Lauri Törni or Major Larry Allan Throne of US Army Special Forces. This guy really hated communism. He was awarded by: Cross of Mannerheim during WW2 in Finland. Iron Cross during WW2 in Greater-Germany, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star and Purple Heart in United States Special Forces during Vietnam War, killed in action during operation Shining Brass. He also has a memorial room in 9th Special Forces reginment HQ, and every year some one is Awarded with Larry Throne -medal.



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