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My "bot from scratch" account

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Alright everyone, so I've decided to keep a thread of main account which I have never done anything by hand (apart from quests such as The waterfall quest). My account is rather old so I'm going to do a quick summary of how I got it from a level 3 to a level 70+. I plan on continuing this account until I can use Frost Barrows on over night as well as getting my first 99 skill ever. I should also add that this account is over a year old (I had a long break).




In the first  week I managed to to 50 attack, 55 strength and 11 defence. (NOTE: The skills that are blacked out are all above 1 and that I didn't do this straight)





Pretty much nothing changed between then and a month ago, but now my stats are a better. I've been taking it easy and not going mad with botting as you can tell by my stats.




NOTE: Range is blacked out since i'm currently training it. Its over 55 though.


Recently, I have been doing at least 5 hours of botting a day and mainly aiming for my first 99 skill in Runescape (ever).




There's a few scripts I recommend if you're going to bot, some free, some paid.

rRangeGuildPRO (if/when it gets released to the public)

Czar Spiders (or anything that Czar has made, I've only heard good things)

Vlad's AIO Fletcher 




I used to run the bots on my laptop, but my IP has been flagged (unrelated to this account) so i'm currently running it on a VPS.


I will update this post every so often.

Feel free to ask any questions!



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