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Does email adresses matter when it comes to ban rate?

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No jagex does not ban baised on email that would be dumb on their part because you can set all of your accounts to mod reaches email then he would get baned lol that would be funny 


Anyways your good just dont play on the same ip

You're going around the forums and you have little to no clue about what you're talking about


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first of all I dont think you can use the same email for more than one acc..

secondly you can just use any email you want like lol@lol.com they dont check it.

When making new accounts to can simply add a +1 or +2 after the mail address and you will be able to make more with one.


example+1@example.com or example+2@example.com both will go to example@example.com

That wouldn't matter, I've been fine with connecting all my accounts to 1 :)

Great, thanks! :)
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