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Nicholas's Runescape Vlog? Road to...

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What is The purpose of this thread?

starting tomorrow im going to start vlogging/videoing progress of my accounts.


What is your goal?

In chronological order (kinda)


  • 40 attack
  • 50 attack
  • 60 attack 
  • 70 attack
  • 40 strength 
  • 50 strength
  • 60 strength
  • 70 strength
  • 40 defense
  • 50 defense
  • 60 defense 
  • 70 defense
  • 40 mining
  • 60 mining
  • 80 mining
  • 99 mining
  • 40 agility
  • 60 agility
  • 80 agility
  • 99 agility
  • 44 runecrafting


Haven't started                                                     Started                                          Finished


How is this going to work?

i will post progress reports (in video form) of me working/playing on my accounts and showing what i have done in the past 1-2 days. 


If this gets a good amount of people watching, then i will do more stuff for the account but until now those are whats on the task menu.


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Starting on monday! Which recording software should I use

Good luck mate I have similar goals




Good luck :)

Read your PM please!


Good luck. 


Why are u TWC


goodluck man !


goodluck bud


Goodluck man.


Best of luck mate(:

Please follow this topic so I know whether or not to keep going

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