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Dispute on crippeh

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Disputed member:http://osbot.org/forum/user/118212-crippeh/

Thread Link: no thread

Explanation: So i woke up , and a costumer skypes me that his acc has no progress , and 1.4m has been taken from it, also he never started a pure order that i gave him 3 days ago.

Also i opened the email of the account he sold to find there has been a request to change pass , and hes been ignorin me on pm's


the pure order : SjqskV8.png

my pms:Pfabm71.pngpSxzq7u.png


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( please delete this if you don't find it valuable )

I see have seen him in the chat box and in the forums constantly for he past couple days, he is defiantly ignoring you.

Added after requested post.


^ shows he was online yesterday @11

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