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Mirror Mode: I have tried everything.


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I'm sorry, this is yet another Mirror Client complaint, but cut me some slack. I posted a bug report containing what is written below, except with more details. Can someone please help me? I've looked at all the other user complaints and tried their fixes, I also made sure I followed the developer's instructions for proper use, i.e. making sure both java versions are the same for the browser and osbot client. I don't understand why this is such a problem for some users and still works perfectly well for others. I'm sick of running standard mode because my bots are dropping like flies each day.

1. The Runescape client log in screen on my browser disappears completely, or is just white. The background remains. OSbot says "Loading hooks..." forever until it says error. This happens the most often.

2. The Runescape client log in screen freezes as is. OSbot says "Loading hooks..." for an indefinite amount of time. Also very often.

3. The Runescape client log in screen finally appears on the OSbot screen. Sometimes it just freezes right there, and some times it enters log-in information and loads indefinitely, never actually making it to the actual game world. Very, very rare.

4. The Runescape client log in screen finally appears on the OSbot screen and it finally makes it into the game world, but freezes almost instantly. Have only ever gotten this close ONCE. 


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