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  • Console output / terminal output >_ 


    java.lang.RuntimeException: Unknown query: 0x32CAE800

    at client.nat.stream.Stream.m16(Native Method)

    at client.KNApAkkyGbM.sq(Unknown Source)

    at client.emu.EmuClient.getLoginState(Unknown Source)

    at org.osbot.rs07.api.Client.getLoginStateValue(se:106)

    at org.osbot.rs07.api.Client.getLoginState(se:198)

    at org.osbot.rs07.randoms.BreakManager.shouldActivate(fd:91)

    at org.osbot.rs07.event.RandomExecutor.run(me:80)

    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

Crash report if a crash occurred - doge.png <- The client does crash randomly, after running 20+ minutes, doesn't happer before, also, the error occurs when entering new region aka; "Loading - please wait"

Script that you ran - doge.png

Hooks that failed - doge.png

JVM/Browser bit version (32 / 64) -> 64 OSBuddy/jagex Launcher

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