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US Air Force

Selling 114 main, f cape, slayer helm (i), lunars, ancients and more!

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Hey everyone, today I quit my account to start playing ESO. I sold nearly all the gold I had on the account, but there are still very good items left on the account.

  • Void mage
  • Void range
  • Fire cape
  • Slayer helm (i)
  • Filled Zamorak god book
  • Filled Ancient book
  • Fighter torso
  • Dragon defender
  • 26k Tokkul
  • Barrows gloves
  • Graceful gloves and cape
  • 16.7M NMZ points
There's no A/W set because I'm not sure how much I want for this account, feel free to offer an amount in either 07 gold, or Paypal for more trusted users.

Here is the imgur folder of all the pictures of the account, if you need anymore pics, let me know. http://imgur.com/a/anY5I/all

Current bid: $70

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