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How to click in a rectangle?


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haha that's not exactly what i meant;p


I want my script to click on a interface.


Oh my bad! I thought you meant rectangle as in an area.

RS2Widget w = widgets.get(459,90);//459 is your parent, 90 is the child. We're setting w = to widgets.get(459,90)
if (w != null&&w.isVisible())//checks to make sure the interface is open
w.interact("Make X");//were interacting with 459,90 in the interface
keyboard.typeString("" + random(28, 100000));//types in 28 -1000000 to give it variation.

To get the parent/child, open up an interface and highlight over the one you want.The one that has the color box around it that you need(green, white, red)look where all the numbers are on the side of your screen and write them down. The one on the top is the parent and the one on the bottom is the child. Sorry if this is an awful explanation


Actaully this still isnt what you wanted. nevermind. Going to leave it here though in case anyone see's any use in it.

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