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Fuck Zulrah


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Haven't done zulrah yet cuz my range is only 70. once i hit 90 ima probably kill 1k of em a day biggrin.png


1k a day 

Let's estimate you take 2 minutes to kill one boss.

1000x2minutes= 2000 minutes

2000 minutes/60= 33.3333333333 Hours

Let's say 34 hours.

Plus time to restock inventorys+ return/toilet breaks etc.



One day = 24 hours



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Doesn't matter at this point, i was just curious cause of the hype. I would gladly go back if they added some type of insurance, pay a fee to get your items back. Void is not worth risking for money gains.

haha i know the feels, and i was just kidding mate!

and btw, you dont lose your items at zulrah. you can get them back for free, if you speak to the bitch who

that you talk to before you enter.

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