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Mirror Client is sh1t really?

Super Saiyan

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ik lol is beta but Scripters said Scripts work good with mirror client

Dude please.. dont judge if you didnt try or use.. If they said it works then it should.. and if it didnt just report them the bug and it should be fixed.. Nothing is 100% Excellent and no one is 100% excellent dude.. everyone makes mistakes and everything needs to be fixed..

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You can use multiple tabs with the Mirror Client. Most scripts work fine with it now. Over the next few updates performance will be further improved and all scripts should work the same as on standard mode.



Omg.. I can't believe there are people like this knocking about.. Mirror client is the fucking bees knees. It's worth about $5000+ to someone who knows what they are doing with it.

Thanks for opinion :)

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