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Won't bank.


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Version: V1.03 (.44 OSBot)

Output: Nothing

Crash report: N/A

Script: AutoFletcherPro

Hooks that failed: N/A

JVM/Browser: Idk, using jagex launcher for RuneScape.


Banking didn't work on .43 OSBot, I updated to .44, it worked fine. Then my Jagex launcher went pitch black and caused a crash so I re-started both OSBot and Jagex launcher (desktop rs client) and now the paint of the bot just says "banking" but it won't click bank.


NOTE: It does bank when I'm not using mirror.

Eh, I think I figured it out.


When I'm already logged in on the legit client and then start up OSBot/mirror it won't bank. But if I'm logged out and log in through the mirrorclient it does bank. Think this is why it wasn't banking in .43 either. Any reason why this is happening?

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