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TOP LEGIT CS:GO Boosting Service (Cheap & Fast)


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We are a group of extremely skilled Swedish Professional Players, we have played Counter-Strike since 2003 and have progressed very far. We opened this boosting service up to make profit of what we are good at and we are looking forward to make it to one the top greatest CS:GO Boosting Service on the market.

We may raise the prices after the first few orders/customers!
We do not give out any Vouch Copies.
We know that it might not be that good to not give out vouch copies, but we have decided to not since we do not want to put any of our time or matches on stuff for free. You get what you pay for.


Any rank from Silver I -> Master Guardian Elite = $3.00/Rank

Distinguished Master Guardian -> Legendary Eagle Master = $5.00/Rank

Legendary Eagle Master -> Supreme Master First Class = $9.00/Rank

Supreme Master First Class -> The Global Elite = $14.00/Rank

UNRANKED -> THE GLOBAL ELITE (Ultimate Offer) = $75.00 [Negotiable]


Rules & Terms~

1) You are NOT allowed to play Competitive Matches until we finish boosting. However, if you want to play anything else than Competitive, then that is okay as long as you inform us so that we am aware that you are playing. Breaking this rule may result in us stopping the boosting without any refunds.
2) No refunds (unless you receive any penalties by our own actions, which is impossible).
3) We will NOT start boosting until we receive our payment.
4) By contacting/ordering, you agree to our Rules & Terms.

Accepted Payment Methods~

PayPal, BTC, Skrill, Paysafecards, CS:GO Skins/Knifes or RS07GP ($2.5/M Rate).
Please note: We do not accept skins that are worth less than €3.
If you want to pay using any other Payment Methods, contact us and we may be able to work something out.

Contact Information~

Skype-Name: The2Hunters

Please Note: There is an impostor/impersonator. I am the one without any full stop in the end of the name. I am from Stockholm, Sweden.

You may also post or send me a Private Message here on OSBot.


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