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Black Ops II Zombies Gaming


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Hey guys. I just wanted to make a post here to tell you guys that I am going to be playing some zombies with anyone who wants to join. 


I will start tomorrow, since I have to play some NBA 2K13 games tonight.


We will be playing NukeTown Zombies, and The Great Leap Forward(Die Rise). 


On April 16th, the new map, Mob of the Dead, will be out, and I will be playing just that until I get tired of it. 


I will constantly update this thread when I am online, and to inform the people who got in. 


Another bonus, if you do better than me, I will give you 200k OSGP! smile.png


Post below if you would like to be added to the list of players!


Also, if asked, I will record each Zombie game and post here for all to see. 





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On what console? Or is it PC?


Updated the post to tell you that console.

Lol easy 200k right there wink.png got on xbl last night added you. You should come play mw2 with my clan smile.png always looking for new players


Not so fast mister! I'm not a huge Activison fan to be honest. I have the games, and am looking forward to some of theirs, but I'm Treyarch through and through :). I might play if I get bored. 

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