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You think ill get banned?

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The risk will always be there when you bot anything, now that your account has a 2-day I would give it a break for the moment. Leave it and play legit for 1 week or so just to avoid the hammer, when you come back to botting if you wish too then make sure you have breaks set (which is currently broken) to a decent break time and play time with good deviations in between.


For the time being though I'm afraid it's the good ol' hand n mouse time ^_^

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Hey dude


I've botted slayer before just with a Autofighter and I've never recieved a ban. It's very hard to detect if your botting if you just use the bot on slayer tasks.


So my guess is no you won't get banned. Just bot it smart and babysit it every once in a while when you need to change tasks,etc

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