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I disagree with the actions of Nick.

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The user clearly wants to be banned. He does not want to risk an account compromisation because he will then be in more of a pickle. If the account in the unlikelyhood is needed to be banned due to its compromisation then a user has been scammed and @DeAndre will probably be moved to a TWC group because you didn't want to ban him.


The user requested a ban, and you said no. You gave no reason.


Lock this if you want, but why didn't you ban the user..?


oh, almost forgot, I love you @Nick you're a great mod, if it's something bigger than this just let me know :P

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I didn't ban the user because there was no need for it.

  • He isn't compromised
  • He didn't break any rules
  • There's no point because he will most likely come back and we will have to deal with his unban later on

I'm just being reasonable. If he wants to stay away from the site, it's as simple as not typing in OSBot in his web browser.


Please don't make public threads if you disagree with myself or another staff member's decision. Any issues should be reported to a fellow super moderator who can relay it to @Maldesto, or @Maldesto himself.


I apologize if you disagree with my actions, and I will own up to them if deemed unreasonable.


Thank you.

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