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RuneScape Framework Written In Java


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I wrote this some time ago but since i'm new here i figured it couldn't hurt contributing something. If this is the wrong section or simply forbidden please notify me and i'll remove the topic.


I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet. Pallas is a simple blocking framework using the basic java networking package. I'm releasing this because I would like some feedback on the current design. The server is mainly event driven other than the initial Thread using the Executor Service to accept incoming connections, I've decided to stray away from the standard thread-per-client approach. I hope for some feedback as long as it's constructive.
Soon to be entirely event driven.
Completed the login procedure.
Packet encoding complete and depicted below.
Simple and light weight design.
Basic mobile entity system.
Packet decoding and player updating base.
Completely documented.


     Myself - Overall design and programming.
     RuneScape #317 Game Client - deobfuscated streaming utilities.
     Bob Jenkins - Initial implementation of the ISAAC Cipher.
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 * Initializes Nagle's algorithm.

Disables Nagle's algorithm - it doesn't enable it as you've stated in the documentation. Maybe read up on things like this as you're writing the code? Or did you just C+P this from another RSPS? This kind of ties in with the statement below:



Stop with the useless documentation - documenting what you write is great, sure, but documenting self-explanatory statements is just a waste of time. A random example of this, taken from the code you've written, is:

 * While the application is active the thread will be cycled.
while (isRunning) {


Also, you really need to keep consistent in your style. For example, half the time you appear to be using 4 spaces, and half the time a hard TAB. It's a good idea to stick to 4 spaces - as the TAB character may be 4, 8, or anything really, spaces, depending on the environment.



Also, the game runs on a 600 millisecond cycle, not a 500 millisecond one. Were you referencing a server from 2005 or something? Good luck with the server, btw - there isn't really much to look at, at the moment, though, so pointing out problems is a little difficult.


Edit: This link may also prove useful to you.

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