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Maxed 60 Attack Piety Account - 99 slayer


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I'm just gonna make this thread to keep track of my progress over time, and just for anyone else who's interested too. Basically the bottom line is im aiming for 60atk 75def 99 everything else (combat related) at 103 combat. It should take a few months but it'll be worth it in the end :) 


I also wanna achieve 99 slayer, and save up for 3rd age ranged armour, i think its around 70mil now


If any of you wanna throw some cannonballs/cash for cannonballs my way that'd be greatly appreciated too lol.


Thanks for reading!


Starting stats - June 16th, 2014




June 17th, 2014


June 18th, 2014


June 19th, 2014


June 20th, 2014


June 21st, 2014

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Good luck my friend.


I'd love to achieve 99 slayer too, but just can't seem to find the time for RuneScape. sad.png

Thanks, yeah i figure 99 slayer should take like a year, cause i play maybe an hour a day lol. But i should be able to get 99 ranged, strength, hp, and magic in 3-4 months, and be maxed besides the slayer :)


Good luck, account looks sexy so far smile.png


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