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Requesting free layout


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for a feedback obviously, but this request is for a layout for my service thread. I am giving the creator full scope to do whatever they want, as long as purple is the main colour on it.


I need the OP on my thread as the content in the layout, found here: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/53506-%E2%99%8B-%E3%83%84basslines-aio-service-thread-fcape%E2%9C%94defenders%E2%9C%94quest%E2%9C%94powerlevel%E2%9C%94%E2%99%8B-%E3%83%84/

And would very much like for there for be a picture of something representing each service somewhere on there too, for instance, next to the firecape bit, having jad there or something. I dont know.


But anyway that is everything, thank you very much if you have managed to read this far and are considering making it. If the layout is good, I'll donate some 07 as well. thanks.


This is a great way for a new/upcoming GFX creator to get a vouch and reiterate their presence in the community.


Thank you,


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