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Scripting question

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Im new to scripting for this client and I have some questions.


1. Scripting related


During scripting I usually run a lot of tests. Is there a way to do this effectively? Exporting to jar, clicking OK 5 times, clicking on start script, clicking on refresh, selecting script again, clicking on run... This takes so long, kinda annoying. (using Eclipse)


The other bot client I was scripting for, was using the .class files, so I could make a macro to compile and save to the bot client's folder, and I could rerun the script with one click. - Would be very nice to have similar stuff here.


2. API related


I want to get an item's in-game name. Item.getName() or Item.getDefinition.getName() returns with the same String, but sometimes this String is not correct, is different to the REAL in-game name of the item. Is there any solution to this?



Thanks for reading and for the help in advance!

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