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First one is too blendy, too shaded. Way too hard to read the text? And why place the linear glrare in the middle? light does not go like that :o


Second, ye aight bg but it´s still blend. Test it self is too grainy and the tecct you gave to it does not fit. Also the outerglow does not give you the full blend to bg.


third one, too grainy because of the effects/overlays you made on it.

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I like the concept of the first one, but it's too hard to read. I think it looks really cool, but It took me alot of effort to figure out what it said.


Second one, the text blends in a bit too much, and the background doesn't really flow into the text, like it should because the text is the focal point.


3rd one, grainy.


Your signature is just this image off bing recolored with text over it.


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