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Price check my LoL account please?

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skins: http://i.imgur.com/ePDVymX.png ( king rammus, and ufo corki ) (Demonblade trynd)

normal (nearly 2k matches): http://i.imgur.com/rsiUsAE.png

date: i've made it in the closed beta.

champions: Got all the champions less than 6300 but only some of the 6300 ones.

runes: AP/AD/TANK

ranked: silver v currently going for g5. (Played more than 20 matches with trynd and lost like 5 only)

Note: I was ranked from season 1 (bronze something lol)
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I sold my d1 acc with 15 skins (best ones are mecha khazix and victorious elise), diamond border, 55 champs, 11 rune pages, 100K+ spent on runes for like 200$

I feel like account placement (division wise) is what counts the most in pricing, unless you have really rare skins

"really rare skin" king rammus and ufo corki...

what did you use to show what skins you had?

Elophant client. Check it out! :) it got other uses aswell.

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If you actually create a ticket. The support service will tell you how much RP you have spent on the account. Usually you can do something like that * 2 and you have the real value of an account.

I know I don't have much RP but the real thing is I have King Rammus which was given to people who used to play in the closed beta and UFO Corki aswell.

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