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OSBot admins stealing passwords?

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I have had membership two days, and logged in only through OSBot, I went to log on this morning to find that my account is already logged in! I have only been using my own script meaning that someone has been on my account notably an OSBot admin staff member as they have access to all those credentials. From now on I will be packet sniffing the bot so beware!

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Haha I didn't download gold generator and I haven't saved my password, but my knowledge knows that OSBot pulls the password from the hooks anyways as it needs it for re-logins, would take much to add a server comm in there?

Trust me we make enough money through donations and subscriptions we don't need you 5M. If you show some proof that is was one of the developers, I will gladly pay you all you lost and then 100$ on top of that.

Now stop making pointless topics when you have no proof to back it up, just trying to come here and bash our bot. Feel free to pm me with this proof.

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