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Gather 'round kids while I tell you the one universal truth.

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Relatively speaking there is not too many things that are certainties in this life. The sun will rise and it will set, the tides will come in, and they will go out. 


Scientist spend their entire lives chasing and studying the secrets to life. We have come so far in so little time, We have explored the depths of some of the deepest and darkest oceans, and we have begun exploring the stars. The final frontier. It's man kinds insatiable hunger for knowledge that guides us, that motivates us, and that solidifies what man kind really is, and our true purpose in this oblivion. And in all my time on this rock that is hurdling through space at ludicrous speeds, which amounts to less then a blink of an eye in respect to the time our beloved planet has been here I have discovered an undeniable, unarguable, and an indefensible truth that we all know is the truth to our very core.


And do you know what that truth is? The truth that so many will let blindly stay in their preferial until one day it kicks down their door and shakes them back to reality? The truth that so many men live in blissful ignorance of until they stumble home from work early one evening and walking into their bedroom to see the truth unfold before their very eyes, and will shatter their will, their confidence, and make them a shell of the man they once were? Well I will tell you what this truth is so that you may be on guard, so that you are aware and enlightened...The truth is





































































































































Sloots gonna sloot


Let me repeat that for some of you dense beta mother fuakers





It doesn't matter what age, how long you have known her, or anything. A sloot is going to sloot, Monday through Sunday. 




Now that you know the sacred truth, remember it, breath it, and live it. And should you ever stumble upon any situation where you come face to face with a sloot always remember and never forget, 




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