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What happens with a script when it get's outdated?

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I bought a script a few Weeks ago and it worked well for a time ,but then Runescape had an update and now its very buggy ,but the script devoloper hasn't been online in a while.

So now is my question what happens now?

Is it like yeah youre fucked or will i probly get refunded? Or will an sdn scripter update the script ,like over take it?

Sorry for any mistakes and if its the wrong section.

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What script?

Also make sure you're using the latest client v1.7.85.

Some of the issues with the latest update were fixed with the client being updated, e.g. Running issue.


Tzhaar annihilator ,haven't tested it with client 1.7.85 ,but like 5 other people did report the same problems.

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