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Cheap Power leveling Str and fishing only.

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Hello, Me and my team power level accounts on runescape 2007. We use bots but depending on the amount of cash being offered we can play in order to make the leveling process quicker for example in barb fishing we will use mouse keys instead. For combat this option isn't avaliable. The highest we will power level to is 93. I gurantee you it's cheap. If you're interested message me on skype: Powerleveling90+inAweek. Prices will be different depending on your current stats. But from 1-93 str it will cost £25. And for 1-93 fishing the price is £30. Please note that depending on your current level this could take around 2 weeks maximum. Although we intend to finish it within 7 days minimum. If you're interested message my skype like I've said before and we can negotiate the prices from there.

My Skype is: Powerleveling90+inAweek

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