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Level 1 Clue Scroll - By lKinx


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Just a few days ago, I discovered OSBot. And now, here I am, asking the community to help test a script. tongue.png

Current Features:

  • Sneaks into the H.A.M. Base (Even After Being Kicked Out)
  • Breaks Out of Jail
  • Supports All Food Types
  • Drops Miscellaneous Items
  • Logs Out After Stealing a Clue Scroll
  • Walks From Lumbridge on Death
  • AntiBan

Future Features:

  • Paint (What should it display?)
  • Walks From Other Death Points (Which ones?)

I've tested the script for a few hours now (on v1.7.78), and I haven't encountered any problems. Hopefully you guys will get the same results. If not, could you please tell me what the script was doing when the script froze/broke? And of course, suggestions are welcome!

Download: Level 1 Clue Scroll.jar


Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/ff652d9e1edea48a040d055b7b600d82162fae552c5221d53158bb15db1b3415/analysis/1391400498/

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