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AKK script


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Hey guys,


I'm going to release my ankou ranging script soon and i've just made this banner for the script.


shall i use this banner for my script whats your opinion about it. what shall i change about it or should i keep it like this.


EDIT added timer









- maikel233

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Nice man, I may hit u up for services or what not if I need graphics in the future for my or any of my friends scripts.



Sure message me on skype: maikel23350    if u need something.


I'm currently working  40 hrs a week IT Internship so got all the time in the world.

Edited by maikel233
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prefer the bottom graphic, but i like the clock on top.


Feel it needs a total loot value counter

yeh i'm using he bottom graphic now. jus need to change the clock.

i'm going o add a total loo value couner later.


just started with the bot 30mins ago might take a while to get its stable. 

screenshot lost some colour.... 



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