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League of Legends boosting

LoLBoost ExpD

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Hello! My name is Max/Expd. I have played LoL since 2010 and i recently noticed that im a pretty good player. In season 3 i got myself to platinum 1 with 95  LP    http://gyazo.com/eac...bb81bbe738ba049



So i tought for myself. Maybe i should try to earn some cash by boosting other people. Im fairly new too boosting but i have gotten 7 requests so far in the last month. Boosted mostly from bronze-gold.


Im new to Osbot if you wonder why i dont have any feedback.  So this is a boosting service. Me a player from platinum (Close to diamond) Will help you get the rank that you always wanted. Now when there's a new season and you need to play 10 placement matches many people want to win as many as possible.   Im very cheap unlike the other boosting websites out there. 


Pm me here or add my skype: Mrmaximum51@gmail.com


If you can't do it. Pay someone else to do it for you!cool.png

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