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How to add my script on SDN?


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I have a very good script with the best ability and qualifications already offered to OsBot.
It was produced by my authorship and public desire it.
He can talk, respond and manage all your game with over 72 hours of gameplay without even having a ban.
Where should public it and how do i public it on SDN?
I appreciate everyone's help.
Script Definitions: 

Supports - 

- Conversation (random 5 minutes will 30 minutes) "10.000 random craw"
- Auto reply in conversation (any lvl response, any game response "quest, skill, target, merch and others")
- Hope world with X player (minimum 1 player, max 999999 players)
- Spec Attk with melle, magic or ranged.
- HP, Prayer, Run top bar.

Update - 
- Automatic Update in Server.

Itens -
- Any item Catch (to add any name in "+" icon)
- Items added living standards.
- All Herb named

Foods - 
- Any food eat (artificial intelligence - identifies the best food to eat on the bench).
- Increments and decrements amount of food, according to the amount used in the area.
72 Hour Run no Stoped, no Ban.
will public the video 72 hour running.
Along with photos.
Waiting... Upload ongoing...
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