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Some inventory methods


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 public static String getSelectedItem(final ClassLoader loader) throws Exception {
        final Field field = loader.loadClass("client").getDeclaredField("ia");
        return (String) field.get(null);
    public static int getSelectionState(final ClassLoader loader) throws Exception {
        final Field field = loader.loadClass("client").getDeclaredField("ib");
        return field.getInt(null) * 1348970433;
    public static boolean isSelected(final ClassLoader loader) throws Exception {
        return getSelectionState(loader) != 0;

How to use these?


Let's say we want to do this in the onLoop method:

public int onLoop() throws InterruptedException {
final ClassLoader loader = bot.I() //Change bot.I() to whatever method returns a classloader at the moment
if(isSelected(loader)) {
final String selected = getSelectedItem(loader);
return 50;

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