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inb4 b2B next one


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Wtf is this about? I come back from a few days off and this is what I find? 


Oh and this:




B2B, on 08 Jan 2014 - 10:45 PM, said:
That's the most clueless and dumb post I've read on this forum so far haha.
I'm trying to make a suggestion to improve the forums, and in return you call me a scammer? I've sold 30 grand worth of gold through this forum ( along with being active on Sythe, t**bot, p****bot and Osbot FTW. ) you clearly don't know me at all.
People have gone first in 1500$ trades with me, and I haven't scammed them, so please don't try to portray me as a scammer.
And everybody's against this change, so this topic can be locked <33

Sorry to waste your time guys


inb4ragescam lmfao this dipshit gets upset already y u mad kid


What is the reason for you bashin on me? I didnt say anything you personally, I was merely trying to improve the forums :P

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