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I'll give someone $3 just to add this fade

Super Man

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So I want to make a shirt


However, the picture just cuts off at the bottom and I don't like how it looks










See how at the bottom the picture just ends?


I'd kinda like it if someone added a fade so that way the bottom of the pic fades into the shirt



Whenever I try to do it I fuck up and that's for some reason the only part that I can't do




I want you to start at the red line and move down.. I don't want the fade any higher than that red line (Hell, make it lower if you could tongue.png)









I don't have much $ so I'm willing to give 3 bucks via paypal, sorry haha



Thanks in advance!



Here's the original image (Make sure you keep it without a background)



Warning: Large image   ( I had to make it large so it'd be big on the shirt, and yes I understand that the quality isn't the best but oh well)







P.S. as you can see I started to add a fade, but didn't want to fuck up so I stopped there haha, thanks guys

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Is this enough?



And yeah, there's no need to pay anyone for this haha.

Nah man cause you can see the bottom of the monkey


I want it to be to the point where it's hard to tell where the monkey ends and the whiteness of the shirt begins



And I'm offering money because then people will actually help me out. It's sad, I know :/

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I made 2 versions:





Your first one was good. I guess I Can't really blend it perfectly so I'll just have to use your first one.



What's your paypal? I'll send $3






Btw, here's what the shirt will look like incase anyone was wondering



Or should I do blue? haha not sure 



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This can be done in many ways,i think the easiest  but the lowest quality one is to just make a block were you want to make the fade ,paint it in a black or gray go at filter-blur,gaussian blur and then switch the color to a gray according to what it thinks looks best.You can add some after affects after to make it better.


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