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Archiving outdated script threads


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As I search and search through many of threads doing my best not to gravedig I come to the realization that many of these threads could easily be locked and archived.
Many of times people are spamming pages and/or adopt a thread to post back to every single individual who posts asking "wheres the link?"

Just an attempt to help keep things nice and neat!

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Nice, didn't even contemplate reporting.

Will do, thanks bunches.
I figure having the active threads not mixed in the midst of broken/outdated threads would help navigate new guys like myself.

EDIT:: On second thought, you mean to 'report' by making a thread in the SDN specified area?

or do you also mean by clicking report on the post that was made?
Because there are local scripts that need the same treatment, but there is no specified 'report broken' section for them.

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