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Need tester(s) || ProgramSuperHeater v1.0 || Report bugs :)


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Posting here because I need somebody(s) to test it out because I am currently banned and I am not sure if the script even runs and I need to know it does before I continue with it smile.png

Please tell me, in as much detail, anything that does not work or any improvements I can make.
Feel free to call the script shit. I made it in like 1 - 2 hours so not really bothered.
Enjoy (if it does work)

How to use:

Start the script with 200 nats or so in inventory, have a staff of fire equip and have ores in inventory or bank (script will withdraw more nats once ran out, this is incase the bot crashes and a random kills you or something)

A small box will pop up asking for which bar the bot should make.


Current bars are:

* Iron bar
* Steel bar
* Gold bar
* Mithril bar
* Adamant bar
* Rune bar

Paint (basic):

Virus scan:


Click here


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