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Another rant..


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Saw that <removed member name> released an <removed script name>... wow thats neat

BECAUSE HE HAS A PAID <removed script name> HE ISNT EVEN UPDATING- <removed link>


I seriously don't get this. Why should OsBot allow a scripter that has an out of date paid script, whose not even updating it, to have another? I don't comprehend this..





Remove Datrangeguild from sdn. Simply scamming people into buying it if there isn't even a thread for it. Take out everything 'Insane' from the sdn, I'm sure you've taken most out of there already. Dont want anyone else to get 5uck'ed. 


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The first rant you had was directed towards me, now you are making a rant directed toward another scripter. I was kind enough to not lock your thread against me and Maldesto was nice enough to explain to you the rules.


Since you didn't read it the first time, I'm re-linking you to the rules.




In regards to the broken script(s), please report it under SDN Scripts > Report broken (here):





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