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Who says free scripts can't be wonderful?


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This script could also be made in about 20 minutes tongue.png


Yes, but most of the free ones available are not catered to and fixed, and kept up-to-date as well as this one. The script writer actually fixes the issues brought up in the Customer Reviews.


wut script is it lol


Super Spinner, author is unknown.


One way of showing how thankful you are is posting the script link and person who made it in your post. Otherwise we are just looking at a flax spinning proggy.


Edited in the main post :)


I've come across some really nice free scripts in the past. I try to donate to support the scripters who are nice enough to put out free scripts that they also maintain. 


I do not know who wrote this script; I am trying to find that out, because I have $5 for him. It may not be much, but it's all I got right now :P

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Next time look in the catagory that the script belongs too if it is in the sdn. Example sdn>fletching and crafting> then look through the threads




Thank you! I actually looked, but must've overlooked it, because I was just looking for "Super Spinner", not an author's name in the title! 


Gonna contact them ASAP :)

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