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Do you still play old games?


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Hi guys,


Since I only see the new games being posted, I thought, lets add some old schoolers.

To be honest, I think that the old games are better then the new ones, most of the old games just got a better feeling and or gameplay.


If you are thinking about games from the 80s right now, no, I don't mean that old, I whas thinking about somewhere between the year 1990 and 2005.



So, what are some old games you like? And do you still play one or more of them?



My list:


                Game                                               Year                        Still play?


                Blood                                                1996                        1 year ago was the last time I played, but I will play it again soon.

                Willrock                                             2003                        I just started this game a few days ago for the first time. Still playing.

                C&C renegade*                                2001                        I play it non-stop, I just love the MP of this game.

                C&C generals*                                 2003                        Awesome game. Still playing it.

                Medal of honor AA**                        2001 - 2003             Like almost every game in this list, I still play this online.

                Serious sam TFE + TSE                  2002                        I play this game every now and then, its fun to play.

                S.W.I.N.E                                         2001                        Many people don't know this game, it is awesome. Still playing.

                RTCW ***                                         2001                         If I had to choose a number 1, then this game would be it. Stil playing.


* = C&C stands for Command and Conquer

** = AA stands for Allied Assault. I play the 2 extensions called Spearhead and Breakthough as well.

*** = RTCW stands for Return To Castle Wolfenstein.


I will update my list soon, got much more old games I still play or really liked to play.




What are your old games? smile.png


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I still play NFS Underground 2(2004) on lan with friends a lot

Counter Strike 1.6 (2000, however it keeps getting patches)

Age of empires II (multiplayer) im not that good but i like it


Recently(last year) did the campaign of all medal of honor(till Airborne)+ call of duty 2


EDIT: just wanted to also say that I barely play new games, the title I keep playing new versions is NFS and basically I just do the campaign and then uninstall.

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Game                                               Year                        Still play?

Call Of Duty 1                                   2002ish                      Sometimes yeh

Diablo II                                           2002ish                      Stopped playing like 5 years ago

Diablo II LOD                                    2004ish                      Stopped playing a year ago

Diablo III                                          2012                         Stopped playing after 3 months of playing, got bored as hell 

Call Of Duty 4 MW                             cant remember           Played for a long time, like 2 or 3 years

Call Of Duty 5                                   cant remember           Played for a while but stopped playing because game wasnt played competetive so no pros on it


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I love the command and conquer series, such a good game in its prime. I like Civilization, thats such a fun time killer. Age of Empires is good, love that too. Warcraft (not World Of) has always been a good series. I still find myself playing Pokemon even, its games like that, that just bring back so many memories. 


Wanna play C&C with me sometimes? I don't play the new ones though, only generals zero hour, red alert 2 and renegade.

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