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Requesting a signature


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I'm just looking for something fairly simple, sharp and sweet. I'm not a fan of renders, just fancy text, effects and colour schemes. Ideally I would like to make payment in RSGP, price is negotiable although this would be dependent upon the finished quality of the product. I'd like a watermark of the finished product presented to me and for complete satisfaction to be achieved before concluding the service with payment. The most convenient method of contacting me regarding this would be via Skype, my username: kezm0n


Essentially all I'm looking for is my username 'kezm0n'. I would really like for the colour scheme to coordinate some way with my current avatar and for the signature to be transparent for optimization on all themes and render the signature usable on other forums.


I have just seen a signature which could be used as an example of what I'm looking for (see below). I'd love for my signature to alternate between the colours shown in my avatar, although the primary text colour to be #f5cc0a. Although you should note this isn't exactly what I'm looking for, just take that factor into account.


Hope to do business with someone soon!



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