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Opening the downloaded file OSBOT


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how come? i never had to download this before

.jars need java to run.

Usually if you can run RS, you can run .jars.

I assume you last computer already had java installed on it, it's quite standard to have java.

Have you played RS on this computer before?

You need ONLY JRE to run OSBOT, JDK if you're planning to script.


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I've just got windows 7 on the same computer, and downloaded java AFTER i downloaded the bot, and now i can't find a file called java which is the right one to open it with so it's just telling me to select a program and annoying the fucking shit out of me.

Delete whatever OSBot files you've download an any OSBot folders.

Then download OSBot again and try running it.

Show us what the icon looks like/what message you are getting please.

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