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Change Your IP/Anonymous Connections (NO VPN + COMPLETELY FREE))


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So I've seen a lot of threads lately regarding people becoming worried about botting due to the chance of getting their IP flagged. Well here's a solution that will anonymously assign you an IP address everytime you restart your computer. What we will be doing is running two programs called Tor and WideCap.


Download Tor

- Go to https://www.torproject.org/

- Click on "Download Tor"

- Click on "View All Downloads" under the Top Browser Bundle box they will suggest to you

- Navigate to your operating system, Mac is easy just download either the normal or 64 bit version depending on your computer

- For Windows users, go to the Windows tab and scroll to the very bottom. Download the one that says "Expert Bundle"

- Select the option to run at startup, then finish the installation. Make sure before hitting finish you select the option to run Tor

- You should see the Tor icon on your desktop. This is used to restart it in case anything happens


Set Up WideCap

- Go to http://widecap.ru/en/download/

- Under the update box there is a download link you can get by clicking where it says here (ignore the text after, you don't have to buy anything)

- Install to your desktop and run it (if a window doesn't pop up go to the bottom right part of your screen, you should see a multi colored Onion symbol. Right click that and click show main window)

- Go to Settings, then enable run at system startup (leave blank if you want to enable yourself everytime). Press apply

- Now click Add Proxy. For the server port type in and make sure SOCKS v5 is checked (NOT authentication required). Leave everything else blank

- Click on Proxy List (under Add Proxy) and make sure the proxy is checked

- Click New Rule and just hit OK

- Hit View Programs, and make sure your settings proxify the whole system, excluding the programs listed above. Press apply

- Navigate to wherever you have Tor installed (hopefully on the desktop so this is easy) and drag and drop wherever "tor.exe" is on your system into the white space above the settings you just selected (proxifying the whole system, has a text box called new rule, etc)

- Once you see an entry for tor.exe press apply again



Finishing Up

- Once your computer is restarted, make sure Tor loads (you'll see a command box pop up with all this different technical stuff going on)

- If you didn't have it start at system startup then just load the program

- Right click the WideCap icon at the bottom right, and make sure the Enable WideCap option is selected

- Once it is selected, and Tor is running, load up a browser (should see via WideCap at the top) and check your IP http://www.whatismyip.com



You're done! Hopefully this helps some people out who just want to change their IP for botting without purchasing a VPN. To turn it off just deselect the enable WideCap and you'll be back at your normal IP. And yes this does work changing your IP when using the bot client biggrin.png

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http://widecap.ru/en/download/ isn't working for me. do you have another link?

Try going to http://www.widecap.ru and if it works the page will be in Russian. Translate it (I know Chrome has this feature but not sure about other browsers) and go to the download section and on that page there should be a "Download full version you can from here" where the here is the download.

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