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Cleaned a guy for 12M in 5 minutes & a funny stake


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It was the same guy. The picture on the top is one of our first stakes for 1.5m, not often do you end a stake with almost full health tongue.png  and at the bottom is the outcome, after beating him almost 5 stakes in a row (minus one loss) because my stats are beast wink.png





Picture two, this happened later during the day winning me another 10M! This guy seemed to have an advantage on me but because I cleaned a guy with similar stats before I decided to stake this guy as well.




Thanks just wanted to share 

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Thanks guys, and yeah I am using the Orion client, not only can you look up stats of your opponents quickly, but it shows you the exp you gain for your hits which can give you a very slight advantage if you know how to use it correctly. It helps me determine which attack style I should use for my next hit which can really determine the outcome of a stake biggrin.png


Also, my stats are 74 Attack, 96 Strength, 82 Defence, and 91 Hitpoints.


My opponent here had 75 Attack, 99 Strength, 75 Defence and 96 Hitpoints.

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