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Combat Script - First complete script I ever wrote


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Just found my first script I ever completed, I updated some of the outdated code, with all the new functions on the api. Most of it still ran from years ago surprisingly, so not much had to be changed. Not sure if its even worth releasing for people to use, im sure now days there are plenty of combat scripts. Mine has a lot of different features though, very humanlike as well (not over the top either that does the opposite of what it should).


Script auto detects food and potions in inventory on start, and will bank whenever it runs out of food and run back to continue killing.

Will kill any NPC you set it to, as well as loot whatever is wanted. By default it will loot any item the game notifies the player of a drop for in chat box, but this can be changed.

Supports ranging as well, no safe spots though unfortunately. Kind of outdated training, but does support rock crabs as well.

Anyway I'm not going to get too into all the features, nor will release it if there isn't any demand for it, as i stated before, im sure there are already plenty of flawless free combat scripts by now.

Here is a screenshot of paint.



combat paint screenshot.jpg



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