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Issues logging into jagex launcher


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You can try excluding the following addresses from your proxy:

  1. account.jagex.com : this prevents Launcher_Initialization_Failure and allows the launcher to work at all

  2. secure.jagex.com : this is needed otherwise the launcher can't get your account details and the character selection menu will be empty

  3. jagex.akamaized.net : this allows the launcher to complete its update check (required, or it'll get stuck and eventually error out)

  4. secure.runescape.com : this makes the News panel work

  5. cdn.runescape.com : this is needed for the News panel to show thumbnails

  6. auth.jagex.com : important, otherwise pressing Play does nothing. Also required for login.

  7. you can also try excluding *.jagex.com and *.runescape.com just in case.

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