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Please read. I need help. Botting/jagex


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So I bought the API sand crab bot in 2019... I just signed on a few days ago and I wanted to try using the osbot.. but for some reason it's saying my password is wrong. Is this because I linked my jagex acc?? How do I bypass this? I don't have any knowledge with coding btw. What do I do? Does this mean I'll NEVER be able to use the osbot because I updated the jagex acc?? Is this the end for botting? I just want to bot some sand crab. 

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from my understanding you linked your Runescape account to Jagex's "account manager" BS.

I believe you can remove/add accounts to the Jagex account manager check the Jagex Launcher settings it'll say "manage characters" on it or the settings on the runescape official page and simply remove it from the Jagex account future by clicking "end all sessions" and your account should return back to regular logging in method of you manual typing in your account information.

hope that helps & works.

I haven't tried it myself, but heard of people doing it.  so I can't confirm nor deny that it actually works.

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download runelite, then when you open osbot, below stealth or mirror click on patch client, then patch runelite. after that just go into jagex account manager and run runelite thru the account manager. From there osbot will pop up instead of runelite and it will work fine. only downside is you can only bot 1 acc at a ime doing this

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