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One Suggestion for Perfection

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I have been monitoring the bot manager implementation to use for a while and noticed one key thing is missing on the manager i have yet to be found.


Breaking / sleeping


It would be superb to be added for the sake of not running the scripts 24/7 even with their own inside break management but to simulate longer breaks / sleeping as between min and max sleep time to just be logged out without any script running. That would be a killer add on to the already good looking manager. I havent tried it really yet myself was just hoping it would be implemented at some point and decided to make a post about it to give the devs heads up about this possibility which im sure wouldnt be too hard to add because it does not require any scripting basically inside Runescape.


Just my 2 cents down the line to get me as an active user of the manager

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On 10/14/2023 at 2:56 AM, joneszRR said:

I dislike the specific time of the date scheduled system, thats why i havent gotten into it.

You don't need to use the task timing system, you can use just task mode, when selected you can pick just add CLI scripts or script queues you create from within the manager, all which run for an indefinite amount of time, the timing system is only optional if you would like to manage your farm yourself :) 

Screenshot 2023-10-21 145903.png

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