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Ban rates nowadays & help


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So I'm kinda back on botting. But I have no clue what to do because I've been off from botting and Runescape overall. Has there been any significant changes around on anticheat overall?
Also I have never botted on fresh level 3 account (I know there might be some tutorials etc etc), but what are your opinions, where should I even start? What skill should be the first one? How do I earn money there? Well, basic questions, but I need all the basic info I can get :))


So my whole plan is not to earn any money, its just to get mid account so I don't have to start from zero (sold my old main), so keep that in mind. I'm aware there are risks, but I can take them.

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1. I would suggest getting VIP, mirror mode. It helps with the bans i can assure you that.

2. You will have to experiment yourself with different skills, certain skills do have higher ban rate, so don't want to over do it. Use breaks!

3. Trail and error, no one is going to give away there botting strategies. One thing i can say new accounts do have higher chance of a early ban, do quests, dont bot the same skill 24/7. Change it up now and then.

4 Take breaks, be human, don't suicide bot.  



best of luck! :)

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